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  • berkowitz

    Whoever buys this house will have to cope with the fact that the owner’s maid was murdered in the basement during a robbery gone terribly wrong:


  • Emmanuel

    I just read the story -about the murder of the maid..- It’s repulsive. The home itself doesn’t attract me. The interior is so kitsch and rococo…

  • Tony

    Hey Kenny, what happened to your website? It looks all fancy now, but the logo still looks ghetto. I think you need to revamp the logo if you are gonna go with this fancy new look.

    • Kenny Forder

      Thanks! HAHA hmmmm you may be right. I’ll think about it 😉

  • Otessa Regina Compton

    The only concepts I like about this one is the exterior and the pool area. The furniture somehow gives an “artificial” appeal.

  • horselips

    A true palace, in an 17th-19th century way, needing only a throne room to complete the effect. It’s a bit of an overload, and not for everybody, but it is a grand piece of work, turning out to be as much a museum as a residence.

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