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  • horselips

    17,450 Sq. Ft….7 acres of land…almost $6 million, and in all of that, and for all of that, the “renowned architect” managed to squeeeze in a whole 3 car garage? The listing mentions courtyards and patios, but only 1 kitchen. No outdoor second kitchen? Why is it so hard for architects to carefully check all the boxes when designing a mansion?

    • Miffiffippi

      As an architect I can answer this question. It’s because when designing for someone you do what they ask you. Not everyone wants an outdoor kitchen. Not everyone wants a 6 car garage. I recently worked on a 23,000 square foot house with a $19,000,000 construction budget but the clients had no desire for a big garage or an outdoor kitchen. As such it has a three car garage. They also didn’t want a ton of bedrooms since they’re older and don’t need them so there are only three bedrooms. It’s all about checking the boxes the client wants, not some generic “mansions must have X” check list.

      • horselips

        I understand your point – it’s their lifestyle and their money – but you’re the expert in the room. Isn’t it up to you to at least gently suggest the inclusion of certain features if only because they will serve to protect your client’s investment should their needs or wants change or evolve or they or their heirs ever decide to sell? You are smart enough and educated enough and experienced enough to make a convincing case for checking more boxes, and you are also creative enough to keep these inclusions from interfering with your client’s intentions. Outdoor kitchens can be concealed, a few extra garage spaces is not difficult to include. Since your clients were older, I would hope you suggested inclusion of a handicapped restroom, a wheelchair accessible elevator, etc.

        Anyway, I think you know what I mean. I’m not an architect or even a draftsman, but I have designed additions to homes I’ve owned, and I considered and included features whether or not I personally needed or wanted them at the time. Cost is surprisingly minimal for lots of good stuff, and I can say with some anecdotal experience, gained when I sold those properties, that including extra features adds value, attracts more prospective buyers, and really turns nobody off. Just sayin’.

        • KingOfClean

          I agree… All I can see looking at the house if and when it is resold all the money they lose when the next person say I need more garages. O and all that other stuff 🙂

  • Mike Spellman

    Never seen house like that. Something about it.

  • Javalinda

    Looks like some Futuristic mansion


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