$13.9 Million Waterfront Shingle Mansion In Osterville, MA | Homes of the Rich – The #1 Real Estate Blog


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  • Kenny Forder

    There’s just something so charming about a shingle home >_<

    • Ally

      Kenny you are sooooooo right about shingle homes being so charming. My family and many friends have summer homes in Osterville, Centerville, and also Hyannis cape cod. I’ve spent many a summer frolicking and biking around the cape…but my heart lies with Osterville because of the meticulously manicured hedges, the abundance of hydrangeas, the grass tennis courts, the tranquil neighborhoods with magnificent shingled homes fit for royalty, and the proximity to beaches. However this shingle home is not my favorite mainly b/c it’s a little too contemporary on the inside for my taste, but the location and view is impeccable…

  • I’m not much of a fan of shingle homes but I have to admit that this one has a lot of character and is rich in custom elements. It’s definitely a winner!


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