12,000 Square Foot Brick Mansion In Waterloo, IA For Under $2 Million | Homes of the Rich – The #1 Real Estate Blog

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  • horselips

    No patios, porches or verandas, no swimming pool – inside or out – WTF? The interior is a bit gawdy, the furniture is way over the top, but heck, for just 2 mill, whataya expect?

  • fairylady

    There is a tiered patio on the back if you see 25 of 26. For the mere price of 2 mil you can update and add a pool if desired. This doesn’t look like the type of home where you would throw a ho down or barbeque. I wonder if the furnishings are included because they look like they were custom made for the scale of the place? It is over the top but beautifully decorated if you are sending a message. I think those days are gone but there is no buying taste. Some neuvo-riche person will buy it to try to make a statement.

  • tlca

    So, I was thinking 12,000 SF for $2 Mil, how bad can it be?????? Then I saw the pictures!

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