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  • horselips

    The listing mentions an elevator (just 1) and I’ll bet dollars to donuts it isn’t in the master closet. So, milady gets to jog up and down 2 flights of stairs between 3 floors just to get dressed?! By the time she’s done, she’ll be tired and sweaty and need another shower. Heck, she may never make it out of the closet.

    The house looks glamorous, but it’s all fake – mostly just the interplay of clever lighting and shadow and accent colors. There’s nothing really elegant going on here. All image, no substance..

    • carolina

      you don’t like any house, i’ve seen all your comments and you don’t like any house, so stop trolling.

      • horselips

        Obviously you haven’t seen all my comments – I like LOTS of houses. I usually dislike modern or contemporary houses, and rustic beam and boulder barns, but there are plenty of mansions I do like. Sorry if I’m not so easy to please as you seem to be.

        Nothing is for everybody, we all have our druthers. I’m glad you like this house, and I’m happy you like this closet. In fact, I hope you win the lottery and you can buy this place. I also hope you’re young and in good health, because if you’re a senior citizen, and arthritic, that 3 story closet and those stairs will become a torture chamber for your painful joints. Enjoy.

    • Andrew

      I find it interesting how you dismiss ‘interplay of lighting and shadow and accent colors’ as fake – to me it is perfectly valid and indeed one of the more interesting and essential aspects of design. I suppose they are more ephemeral than stone and wood carvings, but does that make them fake? I disagree.

      • horselips

        My bad – perhaps ‘fake’ is the wrong word. Perhaps ‘simulated’ is a better choice. What I mean is the impression is all image, no substance. Sure, it looks great, but a bulb blows and light, shadow – it’s all gone. To me, comparing the principle elements of contemporary décor to real craftsmanship is comparing a real diamond to a cubic zirconia. Both look great, but one is not, and cannot be, the other. The glass walls of a modern décor, done to seamlessly merge the indoors with the outdoors often makes for a beautiful view – until the outside changes. Trees burn down, an offshore oil platform is installed right in your line of sight, and then it’s all gone. It’s the difference between a CGI army in LOTR and hiring a genuine cast of thousands. Real vs simulated.

        I like it when a house can stand on its own, is intrinsically beautiful and not dependent on electricity or the transient state of the surrounding nature to generate a sense of eye candy. Of course, if you can have it all, a beautiful home with beautiful surroundings, it’s a win-win.

        But I am not fooled. I know that just as the highly polished surface of straight grained wood paneling in a modern décor is just the thinnest of veneers, the complex moldings and cornices, arches and columns used in neo-classical or traditional decors are just as phony – much of it is cast resins or MDF junk – very little is actual finish carpentry. Same with the stone walls so many find appealing in rustic homes – it’s all manufactured. Almost nothing is quarried and cut any more.

        The problem is almost nothing of true worth, of quality, of hand crafted beauty, can be afforded nowadays, regardless of your budget. So, if you criticize a home I like for its classical decorations and embellishments as a ‘fake,’ I’ll have to bite my lip and say, “touché.”

  • carolina

    This house is amazing, i love Texas and this is perfect, i love the double foyer, the living room, the master bedroom and oh my god i love the closet this is the most amazing closet i’ve seen.
    And of course that you have to be organized with your closet.
    You put your shoes and bags in the highest level, your jackets and furs in the second level with your sports clothes. And in the first level your jeans, pants, blouses and all your formal clothes.
    When you get out of taking a shower, you select your clothes all at first and at the end you get dressed this way you enjoy your amazing closet.

  • CincyRob

    I find it very nice. I like the interior a lot compared to what I thought it would look like. Clean lines. Svelte interior. The exterior is a bit much for me.

  • Cincy513

    Isn’t this the house where they lady of the home boasted that she had the largest closet and within a month someone broke in and stole all of the items in the closet. Also the person who supposedly stole all the items claimed that when he/she tried to sell some of the items they happen to be fakes. Well, I love the house, would re-do the kitchen and take some of the white chairs out; it seems to be a great place to entertain guests and more geared towards a couple with no kids.

  • dan

    Hmmm. I usually do not warm up to the contemporary design. This one works for me.

    I could see myself living in this house. I also appreciate the glass doors in the closet.

  • Spleenking

    Beautiful Home although all the purses/bags creeped me out a bit

  • John

    I love the back of the house, but the inside is just blah. Overall, it has a very cold and uncomfortable feel to it. It’s almost as if the decorator was color blind. The layout has potential, but too much gray and white, is so boring and cold.

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