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  • I really like this house. I love how the exterior is more traditional but the interior is slightly modern. The home theater is life too!

  • dan

    Near perfection on the sunshine coast. The study should always be paneled in my book.

    I thought the home theater was creatively furnished with the dual u-shape sectionals.

  • horselips

    There’s a lot to like about this mansion. Outside, the elevation style is graceful and classy front and rear. The alfresco facilities are superb – large covered terraces and 2 (count ’em -2!) cabanas. The acre lot is heavily wooded so expensive landscaping is avoided. Happily, I don’t see a tennis or basketball court. What a relief. Inside, finally a home theater that gets it. Really huge kitchen with wonderful big-ass stainless steel sinks. Good high capacity garage, especially for such a small lot

    I do wish there were some 2 story rooms besides the foyer. And the dining room is just a somewhat dark, rather narrow tunnel, unlike the bright, roomy breakfast room. And the master bathroom tub is fashionably godawful. Bottom line: 4 stars! Well done.

    • Andrew

      Home theatre gets what? Pain in the neck? This seating arrangement is ridiculous. Of course it doesn’t matter if there’s only two or three people, but in that case, why have so many seats? If you do have all those seats you should at least arrange them so everyone can enjoy the movie without having to visit chiropractor afterwards.

      • horselips

        When you were a teenager, you took your dates to the theater to…LOL…watch the movie? Gimme a break. These sexy circular couches are perfect for pleasurable ‘viewing.’

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