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  • horselips

    Like the information says, it’s a $7.5 million mansion. And with those low, plain, flat ceilings, that’s all it’s worth. 70 acres notwithstanding.

  • Andrew

    ‘Hidden Ponds’? More like ‘Hideous Ponds’! Still, gotta give them one thing: there is plenty of car space. 6-car garage, separate ‘collector’s garage’ and the third potential garage in the form of basketball court… you could park a lot of cars on this property.

  • Hunter

    This is truly the definition of an Estate. Giant house, tons of acreage, plenty of amenities. That being said, I’d definitely update the interior and decor, but I love the exterior, amenities and grounds. And being a car guy, this is like a dream setup. Plus the 8 bed/8 full 4 half mix is the perfect ratio for a house this size. I can’t stand when they shove a bunch of bathrooms in just to fill up space. But I’d negotiate the price for sure, not sure how they justify an $11 million increase.

  • Brijbhushan Bhattadri

    It is a nice house. The original owners did a good job of building it, over a quarry that they spent a good amount of money on landscaping. In typical Windbag City style, someone hopes to make a lot of money reselling it for a joke price. Well, the joke’s almost certainly going to be on the seller. Knowing how bad the economy is in IL in general, and in Chicago in particular, it will sell for an even lower price than it did the last time around. Just sit back and pass the popcorn.

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