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  • Tony

    This house is a hot mess. The exterior looks nice but the interior looks very cheap. The closet looks cheap too. The office/library is the only part of the interior that I noticed that looked like good quality. Also the rear exterior looks better than the front exterior.

  • horselips

    Only in America (I hope) can a completely untalented non-entity like Vanna White, do an unskilled job and be paid like an A list celebrity. Paid so much that she can afford a 14K+ square foot mansion in Beverly Hills. Oh well. Some folks win Powerball and Mega Million lotteries, others turn letters on TV. Se la vie.

    OK, the house. It’s splendid inside and out. Yes, the back end should be the front end, but so what. And yes, the interior is not so “interior decorated” as it is , well, homey. It’s comfortable, and warm, with none of the hard edges, shock-jock contrasts, and super-cheap flat panel woodwork that afflict so many ‘contemporary’ decors. I’m sure Vanna was very happy here.

    • Rob

      Vanna didn’t buy this house from Wheel of Fortune money. She got it the old fashion way, she married rich.

      • horselips

        To get paid “money for nothing” and marry rich on top of that – is Ms. White just lucky or very, very, very smart?

  • Daniel

    I really like the exterior and the landscaping. Interior is a bit of a let down. Strip away the boisterous furniture and you’re left with simple moldings and a sleepy interior. Needs some life. I do think this is superior to the $195 million home…

    • Teddi


  • vova

    So, you’re saying that if i flip some letters and call it a “career”, I can have this place? Sign me up!

  • zach

    Isn’t this house the former Vanna White house?

    • Kenny Forder

      This is another home that her ex-husband built. It’s located RIGHT next to hers.

  • Otessa Regina Compton

    My favorite areas are the kitchen, which is extremely social and definitely interactive. The pool areas are more out of a Hollywood Movie. Great photographs on all.

  • DynVision

    It’s dog ugly inside… the only redeeming thing about this estate is the design of the back/pool area.

  • Gerald Olesker

    Always fun to see a clients home in the news. this is 1 of the 22 homes I designed and made custom lights for in Beverly Park. #adglighting totally fun made in the USA

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