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  • Don

    Wondering how Daniel and Growler will make fun of this.

    • Daniel

      I mean come on. The lot size is admirable, but the home itself is a dump. Tacky doesn’t even begin to describe it. Other than the view, the only thing I like is the walkway in photo 13. Bulldoze it and build a proper estate home on this parcel.

      • MYCHAL

        I have been a member here at HOTR since the spring and have seen all the homes and read most of the comments left by what seem to be the “usual” contributors. Some of these ones are what made me finally want to get involved and leave a comment of my own.

        By the comments by some of these guys makes it seem like there is not a single estate size home listed anywhere in the planet that seems worth of most people on this site. Little bit overly critical to say the least.

        Now as a construction manager for a REIT in California, I have overseen construction and rehab of many high end estates down the first time home buyer properties. Nothing in this house to me looks “cheap” and I think its way to critical of a nicely done estate from just seeing pictures. Is it a total home run out of the park, Not at all.. Is it absolutely flawless ? Nope, it is not.. However, CHEAP, or looks CHEAP? hardly. Walls and ceilings and nicely done with what seems to be some very high end materials. Is it my exact taste and the way I would have done it? Again, no it is not.

        Wood floors are nicely done with what looks to be a very well done inlays with a nice dark and light contrast…

        I think my biggest issue with the property is the furnishings, now those I absolutely agree are a complete travesty and need to be redone immediately.

        I also think $195 Mil is overly optimistic to say the least. This price translate into appx $3679 SQFT, which is a bit extreme even for Beverly Hills.

        SO thats my take, take it or leave it I guess. Nice estate, could be changed a bit to be perfect, (furniture mostly). $100 Mil max !

        • Tony

          I’m sorry, but this is cheap crap. This is not the finest quality or the finest materials. I can point you in the direction of plenty of homes that are way way way superior quality that sold for less than the asking price of this home. You really need to do your homework. Google La Belle Vie, Le Belvedere, Champ D’or, Palais Des Anges, and Fleur Dy Lys. All those homes are far superior. Also check out Chateau des Fleurs, its not the best quality but way superior to this. Then look up Chateau Louis XIV if you wanna see really phenomenal quality. For $195 million this home should look just like Chateau Louis XIV. I wouldn’t settle for anything less.

          • Luke

            At least the architectural style of this home, however, is culturally relevant. French Provincial homes in any place other than France is so very wrong.

            If it weren’t for the hideous waste of materials that would ensue, homes like Fleur De Lys should be torn down as a painful lesson in context-correctness for their owners and builders.

          • Tony

            Luke, you sound ignorant. I think the architectural style of this home comes nowhere close to the homes I mentioned. Secondly no type of home should be built in the Americas except for a Tepee if only homes that are native to a specific area are allowed in those areas.

          • Luke

            No, builders and architects would have a suite of styles under and related to the Colonial theme, especially the English-influenced Georgian styles and innumerable Spanish-influenced med and mock-med homes that fill coastal states like Florida and California. Arguably the most sacrilegious efforts are ‘Chateaus’ crammed onto relatively small lots whose titles are prefixed by ‘Chateau d’/des’, their owners clearly oblivious to the fact that a chateau is meant to be a French country estate.

    • Grrrowler

      Did someone say my name? I’m not sure why I’m being invoked, since I haven’t been making fun of anything here for quite a while now. Oh wait, it looks like you want Growler with only two Rs in the name, not me.

      But since I’m already here, I may as well comment on the house. It’s another uninteresting Mediterranean-themed house. In SoCal, you can’t spit without hitting one, and this one is not particularly special other than its size. As has already been said, it looks cheap on the outside and tacky on the inside. It doesn’t look like a house designed to actually be lived in.

      The lot and views are lovely, but compared to other stratospheric LA listings, it doesn’t warrant the asking price. As seems to happen so often with these types of listings, the asking price is a way for the seller and agent to get free publicity.

  • Steve

    The Interior Designer needs to be put in jail… that is just about the WORST waste of money I have ever seen…. spectacular house, though! 🙂

  • Mke

    How is this one better than the one on Kip drive? both in the post office areas, both huge lots and biggest house in their respective areas. both got views. One is 40 mill and this is what?

  • Jack

    When this house was originally being built on spec, I remember it being listed for $65 million (this was back in 2007-2009ish).

    Quite the markup this guy is asking. To quote Jason Bateman’s character in the movie Dodgeball, “That’s a bold strategy Cotton, let’s see how it plays out”

  • Tony

    I don’t really like this home. Some parts of the interior look real cheap. Some parts of the interior look ok. The weird green/red marble floors look awful. I think i could tolerate the home if I made some minor interior changes and re-did the floors. Also I think the exterior is ok but looks cheap. Also I don’t think it is worth the price because I remember this home being in Beverly Hills post Office. No one with that kinda money would dare be seen in Beverly Hills Post office unless it was Beverly Park North!

  • horselips

    Aw c’mon, it’s beautiful. In fact it’s spectacular. But wait – in 2007 it sold for only $35 million. A five fold plus markup in just 7 years? Not gonna happen.

    Let’s see, I’ve got $195 million bucks burning a hole in my pocket. Should I buy this old used second-hand house, or would I rather…

  • Luke

    While we are on the topic of the world’s most expensive homes, I want to run a small poll for the world’s most desirable (new) home: Chateau Louis XIV or Palazzo Steyn? Toughest decision ever.

    • Tony

      Chateau Louis XIV SHITS all over Palazzo Steyn. Palazzo Steyn has an odd architecture. It has a hideous foyer with weird wallpaper. It has an ugly stairway with weird balusters. Even the grounds look weird. Also a house like that should have a completely limestone exterior. The exterior doesn’t look like genuine limestone to me but I could be wrong. Also a home like Palazzo Steyn should be made to look old, almost like ancient ruins or something. It looks like a brand new spec home.

  • Teddi

    I’m going to agree and disagree with most of you, especially Mychal. I have no doubt a lot of money was spent on the house, but they spent a lot of money to end up with a cheap look in some rooms and tacky in others.

    The cheap and tacky theme is continued on to the listing price scam. I’m tired of seeing the same scam perpetuated by these megalomaniacs. They have these granite heavy, faux-tasteful monstrosities they need to have stand out from all the other craptastic super mansions on the market, so they slap the most exorbitant price they can on it and wait for it to make the news. It’ll sit on the market for 2 years or more, then sell for less than half the original asking price.

    And I don’t care what anyone says, that has got to be the most hideous flooring I’ve ever seen. For $195 million, it shouldn’t need major renovations/improvements. I will say I like the land size, that’s a plus. But 25 acres and a tacky mansion don’t equal $195 million.

    • Tony

      But Teddi the land size is pointless. Its 25 acres in the undesirable Beverly Hills Post Office surrounded by small homes. Now if it were 25 acres in Bel Air surrounded by $50 million plus homes or on 25 acres in Beverly Park or 25 acres in Holmby Hills or 25 acres in the finest part of Beverly Hills then that would be different.

      • Andrew

        Land is never pointless. Especially if this is a less desirable location surrounded by smaller homes – at least this way they are 25 acres away from you 🙂

        • Tony

          Andrew, I get your point but would anybody pay $195 million for 25 acres in Wisconsin? Beverly Hills Post Office is not as bad as Wisconsin but no one with that kinda money, unless they are stupid which some seem to be, but otherwise no one with that kinda money would pay that price for 25 acres in Beverly Hills Post Office. The only part of Beverly Hills Post Office worth anywhere near that amount is Beverly Park North. So location definitely matters when pricing land. That’s just common sense. Yes 25 acres anywhere in the Beverly Hills area is valuable and yes maybe one day in 20 years or something this may actually be legitimately worth $195 million. But right now today nothing in Beverly Hills Post Office outside of Beverly Park North is worth anything like that. Now the areas I did name would have a value like that or more for 25 acres.

          • Andrew

            I never said it was a good value, but I take your word for it that it isn’t. I was just saying, a large chunk of land is always better than a small chunk. As the saying goes, “buy land – they’re not making any more of it!”

          • Tony

            @Andrew, ok, i agree with what you are saying. I think that right now though this house is worth around $40 million like the other similar home in Beverly Hills Post Office that was rumored to be bought by Kimora Lee Simmons or her fiance or whatever. But since it is a lot of land its a better deal than getting less land lol. And like I said one day it probably will eventually be worth a lot. It just wouldn’t be a good investment though cause no one wants to pay $195 million for something that won’t really be worth that for 20 or more years.

  • vova

    It has its moments. The ballroom and theatre are nice, and so is the backyard area. But everything else is a screaming disaster. Looks very cheap, and tasteless. The marble looks fake. The yellowish-brown walls make it look disgusting. I’m sure someone will buy, (waste their money on) it, though.

  • Barney


    Whomever’s building this is CLINICALLY INSANE and anyone who TRULY thinks it’s cool and/or sincerely legitimate is the same.

    • Kenny Forder

      Building? Proposed? It’s already built….

  • DynVision

    horselips… that $35 million price was out of bankruptcy 7+ years ago… good article on Forbes…

  • horselips

    If Georgian manors and Spanish haciendas are legitimate styles for American builders, so is a French chateau. Lest we forget, much of North America was New France for centuries, as was New Spain and New England.

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