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  • horselips

    I don’t see anything “gourmet” about any of them. Their only feature is an oversized range, and nice big islands. Meh. To me, a ‘gourmet kitchen’ is more about food prep and less about image. But what do I know. I’m just an old retired restaurateur.

    Start with the range, or rather, ranges. Six or eight burners, your choice. Flat grill is a must, Char-broiler is another must. On to ovens – a big one for big jobs, and then a (preferably wood) smoker. Then, special ovens for special foods like pizza. Built-in self filtering deep fryers are a must. The prep area must have lots of room for a meat slicer, and meat grinder, with all the attachments for sausage making, a large mixer, food processor, and so forth. Counter space for a variety of prep equipment (about 12-15 feet should do it), room for kneading dough, and if it’s pizza, for tossing crusts. Lots of storage space for all the special tools, pans, kettles, pressure cookers, grates, screens, and so forth. Triple sinks at least. Don’t forget pastry racks, and…and…you get the idea.

    Don’t insult me with granite counter tops, oversized single sinks, pretty islands and such useless baubles and call it “gourmet.” OK, if I had to choose one of these jokes, it would probably be #3 or #4. #1, with that surround-balcony, is like a surgical theater for cooks, and #2 is just another ‘beam & boulder” barn (probably in Colorado).

  • DynVision

    If I have to choose it would be #2. Enough said.

  • Wild Willie

    Personally, somehow, I can’t envision people rich enough to own places like these eating pizza. (BTW dough-tossing is just for show…it flings flour everywhere and leaves you with a center that’s paper thin and rips when you slide the dough off the peel and into the oven).

    #2 is nice, but the whole idea of a 2-story kitchen is silly and a heck of a lot of wasted space…just like double grand staircases.

  • dan

    Number two for looks. I can’t tell how well each are equipped.


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