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  • horselips

    Looks like they’ve got that neo-classical thing down pat. Nice to see that real class and real style never go out of style. Nice to see that there’s still a healthy market for skilled craftsmen.

  • Daniel

    Annnnd they’ll probably ruin the interiors with some grey toned contemporary/eclectic interior.

  • vova

    Vern nice palladian/neoclassical looks. I really hope they don’t “modernize” them. That’s what usually kills places like these. They look amazing outside, but get all gloomy and futuristic on the inside. Overall, they are very nice. 3 seems like the best, imo

  • Tony

    These houses are nice but a little bland. They are lacking in the finer details. The moldings need to be a little more detailed and intricate.

  • dan

    English understatement. I like #4 with #3 as a close second.

  • Tony

    I prefer #7. I don’t like the curved circular shape of #4.

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