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  • horselips

    “Mr. Clampett, congratulations on your new home. I’m sure you, Granny, Ely-Mae and the rest of your clan will be very happy here.”
    “Yessiree Bob, we’ve been looking for a nice rustic ‘beam & boulder’ barn for quite awhile. Glad we found this one. But I don’t think Granny will like this cee-ment pond any more than she liked the last one…”

    If this is “French inspired” it must be that elusive and rare French Neolithic-Transitional style. You know, when the only tools they had were Clovis points and stone axes, and they just mortared together undressed rocks and rough-hewn tree trunks and called it ‘traditional.’

  • Otessa Regina Compton

    It is your bold and full bodied cup of coffee, with rich aroma, and full roast. It is super charged with caffeine and an expresso lovers delight.

  • horselips

    My dear Otessa, your post is brilliant – imaginative and sensitive and passionate. I can see you now, in this mansion’s breakfast room, a cup of coffee in you hand, the steam lightly curling around your sunlit radiance.

    That said, I hate coffee. I’ve tried it hot, cold, iced, with cream, milk, sugar, honey, booze, ice cream, mint, chocolate, vanilla, and a half dozen other additives I can’t recall. But no matter what I add or don’t (yes, I’ve tried it black), I can’t stand it. Yuck. Nevertheless, I could stick my head in a bag of coffee beans and never come out – almost nothing else smells so delicious. So, I ask, how can coffee be so wonderful in the bean, and so wretched in the brew?

  • Hunter

    This is a beautiful home. Ignore Horselips, he seems to think he’s an expert in mansions, and hates 95% of the homes posted on this site. Sure the stone may not be for everyone, but it sure beats the generic look of many of today’s modern mansions.

  • Daniel

    I really like this. The huge great room is just begging to have a giant Christmas tree put in the center of it. Looks like a great place to spend a cold winter’s night…

  • dan

    Kenny, once again you have posted my favorite style. (Timber beam and stacked stone)

    I absolutely love everything about this home. Very handsome inside and out.

    Perfect home for the far north. The wooden bathtub is awesome!

  • Grrrowler

    Finally a house that’s not all beige drywall with generic MDF mouldings; and not a horseshoe staircase in sight. I love how much character this has, and it’s obvious that someone spent a lot of time and effort thinking about the details. It’s a lovely example of French Country. The furnishings (which feel more Tyrolean than French) aren’t my style but it’s a beautiful and comfortable-looking home.

  • Puresouthern

    I am not real crazy about the outside, (although I do not hate it) but the inside is lovely. @ Hunter I agree, these comments section use to be chalk full of comments. When horses ass came around it seem like many of the regs do not post as much. @ Growler, agree. It has a nice traditional base going on here but it is nice, not overly done and seems to stay unified throughout. Love, love that bathroom. I so want the big cock on the island of the kitchen.

    • Hunter

      @Puresouthern Yes, that is a lovely big cock. It would look good anywhere.

  • dan

    I can’t seem to make comments on the new format.

  • dan

    oops, I guess I can!

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