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  • horselips

    95% of the time I spend in my bedroom, I’m doing stuff best done in bed. The other 5% is taken up with getting dressed. I prefer my bedroom to be rather dark with minimal windows and God forbid, no skylight. How’s a boy to sleep in late with the sun shining through a freaking skylight?

    There are plenty of other rooms in a mansion to grace with big-ass picture windows, and enjoy the views there from. But, if it’s all the same to you, I want my bedroom to be a very private, very dark, cave.

  • Apple

    Fun fact bedroom #10 is actually the house’s guest bedroom. It is located in Nissawa MN and the master bedroom is substantially larger.

    • Kenny Forder


  • CincyRob

    Tie between #3 and #15. I love water from a distance and living on it may be awesome too but I need a buffer and those two fit my desires.

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