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  • horselips

    All those sports facilities, including redundant tennis courts- it’s a jock sniffer’s wet dream come true. As for the mansion, it’s garbage. But if you like the idea of living in a gigantic outhouse with an attached sports park, grab your $10 million and go for it.

    • Patrick

      You wouldn’t be a big negative would you? 😉

      • Wild Willie

        H/L isn’t happy unless he’s not happy with something! LOL

  • dan

    First home I have seen with a beach volley ball court – I like volley ball.
    That’s it, the rest of the estate sucks.

  • Wild Willie

    I’m not keen on “rustic log architecture” but overall, I’ve seen worse. Of course the basketball and tennis courts would have to be re-purposed. Personally, I’d love an enclosed firing and archery range.
    Kudos on a swimming pool where you have room to do more than just take 3 strokes or tread water.

  • Otessa Regina Compton

    Great for a tennis loving family with children. A tennis court for everyday of the week.

  • Puresouthern

    I wish they had spent as much money on the inside as they did on the leisure activities. it has potential but failed. But then some people prefer the outdoors and do not care. I really want the pool!!


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