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  • nalin

    gorgeous all around, really impressive from the front

  • Mak

    Looks like an upscale hotel.

  • Barney

    YIKES……….if you’re filming a remake of “Citizen Kane” or the life story of Louis XIV, you’re all set. The retina-searing, indescribably OVER-the-top and unrelatable decor is about as warm & welcoming as Versailles itself or the Louvre. Completely unimaginable as ANY kind a TRUE home and I’m mystified & astounded with anyone who would actually buy this and live in it.

  • Daniel

    Fantastically overpriced IMO but at least they put a lot into it. I like the exterior with the exception of the oversized entry. Interior is very formal and as Barney said, over the top, but for the most party not tacky. The rotunda reminds me of this home a little bit:


  • horselips

    Simply magnificent. A monument to gracious living. The front elevation is grand and imposing, the rear elevation opens to a delightful playground of pools, gardens, covered patios, walkways and facilities galore – even a roof garden with balustrade over an arcade of columns and arches. From great places for large-scale entertaining, to small, quiet, private enclaves for intimate moments, the grounds are inspired!

    Inside, a feast for the eyes, and a magic carpet ride for the imagination. Such a grand scale! The finest materials, worked with impeccable craftsmanship. Everywhere are vaults, pillars and pilasters, elaborate millwork, and that wonderful stained glass dome – the whole mansion is a tribute to beauty, glamour, and unapologetic grandeur – the realization of what can be done, and what should be done more often.

    How many mansions this size have insulted the pages of this blog with their flawed and pathetic ethic of restraint! So many mansions are designed and decorated as if the architect were frightened by concerns of self-conscious guilt and class warfare.

  • Jackson

    A little too gaudy and unlivable for me… still an amazing home though.

  • Peter

    I much prefer the one at 120 Carnarvon Drive, Houston, TX, United States.

    Does anyone know who was the architect of that one?

  • Marko

    I much prefer the one at 120 Carnarvon Drive, Houston, TX.

    Does anyone know who was the architect of that house?

  • horselips

    Hmmm, looks like Peter and Marko think alike.

  • dan

    The gallery takes my breath away.

    This is mansion porn at its finest.

  • Seth G.

    I’m dying to know the architect behind this house! Does anyone know?

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