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  • carolina

    This house is small, i mean only 16,646 sq ft in total and for 35 million that’s really expensive, knowing that there is not a big yard and also there is not a big parking.
    Also all white is boring this house needs more warm colors.

  • Daniel

    It isn’t bad but I’d rather have something half the size overlooking the city.

  • horselips

    It looks like the owner hired the monolithic Black Box out of 2001 A Space Odyssey to do the design and interior décor. Picture 1 looks like a funeral parlor. The fireplaces look like they just yanked the guts out of a few Kenmore gas BBQs, lined up the burners, and stuck them behind a glass panel. Yuck.

    And the price! Thirty-Five Million Dollars, American Money. Well, after all, you are getting a whole 2/3 of 1 acre of land., minus utility easements, and so forth. And you are getting over 16,000 square feet of space that nobody lifted a finger to do anything with.

    This is a Palace of Ice. It is cold, heartless, and ruthlessly reptilian, and certainly no place for a warm blooded human being to inhabit.

  • Tony

    THIS IS BULLSHIT!!!!!!!!!!! Its only on 2/3 of an acre? 35 million?? Who are these stupid people buying these cheaply made contempary homes on small shitty lots and paying all this money. You can buy a lot like that for $6 million and build that house for probably like $3 million or $4 million if you are an architecht and then they turn around and flip these homes for like $35 million to $55 million or more. This is insane. Why don’t rich people have enough sense to buy their own lot and build their own home???

  • Brian

    $35M pricetag is just a teaser. If they’re smart, they’ll take the 1st offer of $7.9M.

  • Rob

    There is another house closer to the Beverly Hills Hotel that is 1.12 acres listed at $18.5 million. It is an older house that would need lots of work, But you could buy that house, knock it down and build this same exact house as this one and save about $8-12 million. And you would have a bigger lot.

    The house isn’t bad, but even if I could afford $35 million on a home. There is no way I would pay half that for this one.

  • dan

    The contemporary style has been around since at least the 1950’s. Every time I see one, I think “retro” not modern. I have heard that this style is mostly purchased by males.


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