$3.9 Million Newly Built 16,500 Square Foot Stone Mansion In Alpharetta, GA | Homes of the Rich – The #1 Real Estate Blog


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  • Brian

    A massive pile of rocks encasing an amateurish interior. The best feature is the barrel in the wine closet.

  • horselips

    At first I determined that this was a case of a builder having more money than brains, and then I saw that we have 3.5 acres on a golf course ($$$) and 16,500 square feet of mansion (!!!). And it’s retailing for just $3.9 million (WTF). That’s just $236/sq.ft. We’re talking mansion taste on a tract house pocket book.

    The builder/owner/whatever would have been better off settling for half the square feet and doing the house right. A mansion of this size must be finished to very high standard – far higher in terms of design, materials and craftsmanship than a much smaller, less expensive home can get away with. Expectations grow with size – I think I’ll quit now before I start talking dirty.

  • DynVision

    Who the hell came up with the kitchen cabinet color!? My God! I have never seen such a hideous color on kitchen cabinets EVER!

  • carolina

    Wow this is a really big house for such a small prize, you know this house is hot! i almost like the whole house.
    The kitchen is the only part i hate.

  • Otessa Regina Compton
  • Jackson

    This house in very in with the times. No longer do people want 3 piece crown moulding or over the top gaudy details. Grays and whites are very in and people want light and bright. I expect the house to do very well selling.

  • dan

    Handsome home all around. I would like to see another set of pictures once the new owner has furnished and decorated.

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