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  • Jack

    If it doesn’t sell the first time, just up the price. That should get em!

  • tay

    Isn’t this house right on Sunset Boulevard? Price is rediculousss!

  • dan

    In frame #11 you can see the brand new 36,000 sq ft home next door. What were they thinking – both homes sit on Sunset Blvd.

  • Jeez

    Is this place even finished yet?
    It’s been under construction for a long ass time.

  • Andrew

    Large but charmless.

  • Tony

    It looks as if they ran out of money and never finished the interior. I think they are selling it as unfinished so the owner can finish it to their taste. I think they are representing it as if it was planned that way but it kinda looks to me like the builder ran out of money. This house is a hideous piece of sh*t! Especially the entry way and those weird glass windows around the door and the whole front facade at the doorway is a hot ass stank mess. Also the lot is shaped so weird cause the big ole house is crammed on this tiny lot and another house on the lot next door is crammed up against it. They should have bought that other home and tore it down and added to this estate cause otherwise the lot looks hideous when you see it from bird’s eye view. If some really rich guy buys it then they need to tear down the entry way and rebuild it from scratch and then pretty much redo the entire interior. Then they’d also need to buy the home next door and tear it down and maybe add a tennis court there or just use that area to add park like grounds to this home.

  • Tony

    Also I wanna add this. I don’t think the issue of it being on sunset would be a deal breaker for me. I think the other mega mansion next door is an amazing house. The lot could be bigger since it is such a big home but its a decent size lot for beverly hills cause pretty much everything is on a small lot in Beverly Hills. 1.5 acres is considered a nice size lot in Beverly Hills and I think it is at least on that much acreage or more and it has a tennis court and everything. The home next door sold for around $40 million and I feel that is a fair price to have an estate of that size and quality with a completely limestone exterior in a prime area like this. This is a prime area, Tom Cruise lives down the street. He wouldn’t live there if this wasn’t considered a prime area. Now in a perfect world would I rather live somewhere a little more secluded with less traffic? Yep. But I would have definitely bought the house next door at $40 million all things considered. I think the problem with this home is that other small neighboring house in back that is crammed against it, the lack of expansive grounds, lack of tennis court, high price, and ugly entry way. If they bought that small house behind it and added it to the estate and fixed the entry way facade of the exterior and lowered the price to $50 million I think it would be an ok deal.

    • dan

      I too, am a big fan of the $40 million dollar house next door!

  • horselips

    To me, there are no prime areas in the PRC, no desirable neighborhoods, the whole miserable state ranks with New England, Liberia, Sierra Leone, and the Islamic State as places to avoid. And the close proximity of a wacked out Scientology freak doesn’t help the situation. I guess it could be worse – Cruise could sell his digs to the Kardashians. Have mercy, and get me the Hell outta there!

    Seventy million American dollars (WTF!). Does great wealth now come with a lifetime supply of stupid pills? Seems like it. This ‘mansion’ is hopeless, inside and out. And as Ron White says, “you can’t fix stupid.” Tear it down, back to the drawing board.

    • Tony

      What does “PRC” stand for? Are you saying all of California is undesirable? That couldn’t be further from the truth. Bel Air, Beverly Park, Beverly Hills, Holmby Hills, Pacific Heights, Pacific Palisades, Montecito, Santa Barbra, Malibu, Atherton, and Woodside are all considered extremely prime areas. Also I was saying I like the house next door. This house is a hot mess. But I think if they made the changes I suggested and finished the interior and made it really nice it would be comparable to the house next door. I don’t think i would ever like this home as much as the one next door but it would still be comparable as far as comps when an appraiser is pricing it and everyone’s taste is different. I definitely think someone would buy it if the changes I suggested were made. I don’t know if they’d pay $69.75 million, but $50 million is more than fair especially if you take into account the cost to acquire the small home in back of it. If the developer or builder or whoever actually took my advice and bought that house and added that to it then they’d have to sell it for at least $50 million to make a profit.

      • horselips

        “PRC” is a common acronym that stands for the “Peoples Republic Of California” and refers to the state’s radical left-wing government. Since no part of California is immune from Sacramento’s high taxation and totalitarian interference, no part of the state is desirable by definition. Unless or until you live in a relatively ‘free” state like Texas or Arizona, where individualism and liberty are still taken seriously, you won’t understand. ‘Nuff said, now, back to mansions!

        Do you have a link to the house next door? I’d love to check it out.

        • Tony

          Horselips, you are too deep with this political stuff. You sound like someone from The Hunger Games or something lol. Also I don’t care about California’s high taxation. If I could afford a $50 million home I wouldn’t give a damn. And If I was that rich I could probably buy several homes and list my primary address as a different state for tax purposes but still spend a lot of time in California like most rich people probably do. Anyway, I know you’ve seen the house I am talking about cause Kenny has done so many stories on it but I will put a link anyway.


          • horselips

            Wow. Awesome mansion. I can see where after awhile it might become “too much” for someone emotionally burdened with a bourgeois sensitivity – they can just eat cake. Thanks for the link.

  • Emmanuel

    70 millions for this monstruosity? I guess they are targeting Russian oligarchs or Formula 1 heiresses. Someone think foreign buyers are so dumb they woould buy anything adevertuiseed as being in “Beverly Hills”…

  • Emmanuel

    Saw this house on TV -Million Dollar Listing LA- and the brokers could find any interested buyers. The thing is ill priced.


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