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  • horselips

    I don’t like the “prison uniform” striped furniture, and I don’t like the similarity of the ceiling fixtures throughout, I don’t like the plain, flat ceilings, and the general lack of embellishments, I don’t like the Master bath tub – it’s way too narrow to accommodate FsWB, I don’t like the kitchen at all – those cabinet handles remind me of the rails in handicapped restrooms. I don’t like the fact that it’s nothing but an apartment with a thyroid condition. I don’t like the color scheme – it’s all either gray or ‘greige’ or some taupe-ish shade of whatever.

    The only thing I really like is the terrace. With its paired columns and arches and decorated ceiling, it’s the only attractive thing in the whole place. But it’s not attractive enough to justify that ridiculous price. I know to some vain, shallow, social climbers, location is important, but even the best location doesn’t excuse a lackluster residence. If you want to sell me a $25 million ‘penthouse’ (LOL) with an ocean view, it better be a lot more like Tiberius’ Villa Jovis on Capri, and a lot less like this P.O.S.

  • Daniel

    A glassless shower? I feel bad for the person who has to mop that floor what is probably a few times a day.

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