$24 Million 25,000 Square Foot Newly Built Contemporary Mega Mansion In Paradise Valley, AZ | Homes of the Rich – The #1 Real Estate Blog

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  • Onions

    Must suck for the 26th person when everyone else gets in the elevator…

    • John L.

      No worries – he can ride in the other smaller elevator.

  • Jack

    I think this is a tear down.

  • Allen

    I like the house but I would get rid of that “padded cell” furniture fast!

  • horselips

    This is a job for the peasants. Hooded robes, pitchforks and torches. The works.

  • James

    Almost 26,000 Sq Ft and the Master Closet is the only thing in the house that I can say something nice about. They must have pissed off their decorator big time!!

  • Joshua


  • Mark78

    No no and NO bad design .. people don’t realize that the earth changes are going to affect the southwest in a huge way ..

    • horselips

      Earth changes? Oh puhleeeze, are you a denier? – one who denies that climate change is a hoax?

  • dan

    Does the Bentley come with?

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