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  • horselips

    I don’t need the other pics to suspect this offer is a ripoff. Only 7,444 Sq. Ft of space, and you get a whole one half of one acre, minus sidewalks and utility easements. OK, it’s a waterfront lot, and while that’s a benefit to some, it nowhere near justifies a $20 million price.

    This “mansionette,,” to coin a new word for smallish mansions, had better be a real showplace inside. For $20 mil, I want to see, at least, an elevator, a revolving dining room, an ‘amber room,’ and a ‘hall of mirrors.’ Yeah, I know, good luck with that.

    • Hunter

      This price is on point for the Naples real estate market. If you saw where this house is in person, you’d see why it’s so expensive.

  • Daniel

    God Naples is overpriced.

  • Andrew

    Have you seen the rest of the pictures?!? Agent in charge of this listing should be fired immediately, they are not fit to sell hot dogs, let alone 20 million properties.

  • Grant

    Judging by the condition of the property, I wouldn’t be so quick to blame the agent. This looks like it is moments away from falling into the clutches of a bank, and thus the agent was more ‘appointed’ than ‘selected’.

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