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  • horselips

    Was this mansion owned by an NBA player or just an insane fanboy? Not only an indoor basketball court, but an outdoor one as well. Whatever. First thing is lose the indoor court. Divide the space into an enclosed 2 lane pistol range, and the rest into an awesome indoor pool room. Michigan gets more than its share of inclement weather, so a heated indoor pool is very practical in that clime. As for the outdoor court, enclose it and make it additional garage space. The residents and guests of a six bedroom mansion are likely to push a lot of iron and generate considerable traffic. Added indoor parking space will be greatly appreciated. Can you tell I’m not a B-ball fan?

    Elevation – lose those 2 goofy trees at the front door. Nature should be confined to accenting architecture – subdued and shaped to compliment the building like the low hedges, planters and lawns do – never be allowed to impose or interfere with it.

    Interior – I don’t like it. The end.

    The price – is it not interesting that lately we’ve seen some gigantic houses at very low prices? Sixteen or nineteen thousand square feet, and all under $5 million. This mansion is selling for only $210/sq.ft.

  • Andrew

    That indoor basketball court would make an excellent garage. Otherwise… I don’t mind the rest of the house, actually.

  • dan

    Interesting picture of that “Y ” stair case pouring out of the ceiling!

    Nearly every ceiling in the the house is flat and plain. That’s a deal breaker.

  • Paul

    The house belongs to NBA player, Ben Gordon. He was traded to Orlando. Bet he wishes he would have just rented the few years he was in Detroit. Not many people looking for this type of property up there.

    I usually don’t comment on design/build. However, this place just looks cheap.

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