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  • Andrew

    Adelaide (and Sydney) suffer from complete stupidity and lack of foresight of our decision makers, which resulted in their airports becoming surrounded by the expanding suburbs instead of getting relocated out of the way as the city grew… so, this house is less than 5km away from the airport and trust me, that’s not a good place to be! OK, Adelaide airport is not as busy as ours but still… it’s a sore point with me.
    So where was I? Oh, the house… not that special either, I’m afraid. Small garage, lots of tiles everywhere, appears to be shoe-horned between properties on either side… I think I’ll pass 🙂

  • vova

    Not sure if it’s a reflection from the outside, but if the pool is really that dark blue, it’s really cool. I’ve never seen such a dark pool before. The house looks very James Bond-y.

  • horselips

    Typical of contemporary decors, it’s all high polish and flat. Like a hospital or a laboratory. Very reflective. Very, very plastic. And really cheap. You don’t have to hire very much skilled labor to assemble something like this, a good foreman and a crew of illegal aliens with buffers and sanders to get that shine is all you need.

    Kenny, please start a second blog, called “Homes Of The Rich & Stupid” where commercial-corporate-industrial disasters like this can be banished.

  • Luke

    Just so people know, I do forward to this site well-designed houses from time to time, but they rarely end up here. The (only) good homes in Australia are usually found in NSW and Victoria.




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