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  • Daniel

    A lovely estate in need of major remodeling. The exterior is lovely, but I’d add some hedge at the base of the home to visually bring down the first floor windows. The interior is 1980s Georgian. Not a fan of the foyer. Most of the room proportions look off to me…either too low (living room) or too high (ballroom). Price seems reasonable given the acreage and square footage.

  • horselips

    Ahhh, this is gracious living. I love it inside and out. Reminiscent of a time when people were comfortable with, and accepting of, their class and station, the wealthy and high born living appropriately, and the rest living their miserable lives of quiet desperation, all before egalitarian nonsense and revolutions wrecked it all. Let them eat cake. Hostess and Little Debbie to be precise. The hoi polloi wouldn’t appreciate the good stuff anyway.

    The tree lined walk from the mansion to the swimming pool makes for a delightful constitutional, however the length of it is disconcerting. Perhaps a comforting rest stop should be constructed mid-way with a cocktail lounge and small kitchen to provide refreshment.

    • first Impression Photography

      You ARE joking, right???

      • horselips

        Well, you decide. I think for an elderly or handicapped resident, it is a rather long walk to the pool. Shady and lovely, but long nonetheless. Of course, a golf cart might be the easy way out.

  • Jeez

    Funny…my boyfriend asked me if I wanted to take a trip down to Goochland just last night.

    • Brian

      Maybe he wants you to see this before he makes an offer….

  • ?

    Ah yes, Goochland. I would never consider moving to a place that sounds like a pornstar amusement park.

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