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  • Daniel

    Can someone explain the allure of having slot machines in a private home? Who are they for? The owner who wants to get away from it all? Guests who will win a handful of quarters? Unless I was Steve Wynn or someone who actually owned a casino, they seem completely pointless.

  • horselips

    Screw the Casino – which way to the Buffet?

  • Wild Willie

    #4 has the least amount wrong with it, but I’d love to see some of the ones that didn’t make Kenny’s final four list.

  • Stephen H

    #3 brings out the kid in me with all the colors, but #4 is very gentelmanly and statesmanlike. I love it.

  • Mak

    There is nothing quite so sad as having a “casino” room in your home. Casino’s suck to begin with, attracting people that cannot afford to lose money who are then chased by sharks (both men and women) who want to shake them down for whatever is left. It is a disgusting business (if you can call legally fleecing people a business) and it has no place in a home.

  • Luke

    Completely tacky. I can appreciate the allure of a good poker table and bar, but slot machines? A waste of money. At least with luxuries like a private bowling alley you can develop bowling skills in private; what skills is one exactly learning by flicking a gambling machine lever?

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