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  • Wild Willie

    The homes are beautiful but IMO cars are just a tacky staging idea. Unnecessary fluff. Unless, of course, the real estate agent(s) are running an exoticar business on the side.
    I get my luxury auto fix from The Robb Report or Road & Track.

    • Kenny Forder

      We’re exclusive ad partners with Robb Report 😉

  • Daniel

    I agree with Wild. The only cars I want to see in listing photos are the ones in the garage, and only if it a big one to gauge capacity. Otherwise, keep it on Instagram.

  • Allen

    Is that you Kenny, in picture 11? I like home #1 but I love the Mercedes in picture #12.

    • Kenny Forder

      yes it is!

  • Linda

    How many do you see above that have just photoshopped the cars into the pictures? I’m thinking at least 5.

  • Jackson

    I agree with Wild Willie, cars out front are tacky.

  • Mychal

    Any chance on getting any info on the homes in the pics? I couldn’t care less about the cars, but the homes all looked great. Especially #8. #9 #19 all look stunning.. Love the site Kenny, very well done….

  • NightMoves

    The size of #8 never ceases to amaze me. The closest part of the house is 125 ft from the street, but it looks much closer due to the size.

  • horselips

    Wheels are an essential aspect of our lifestyle. Just as I like to see expensive furniture inside, I like to see expensive cars outside or in the garage. I think of them as a necessary part of the total décor, completing the package.

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