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  • Lee J. Smith

    Bleh..I wouldn’t even vomit in this kitchen then smear bloody poop all over these heinous atrocities. maks whorish mother can cl4an it up!

  • horselips

    Yuck. And I’m a retired restaurateur. I’ve worked as a general manager, training manager, and district manager for several big chains, and I built three restaurants of my own. So I know my way around a kitchen. Industrial kitchens belong in industrial settings. Leave them there.

    An industrial kitchen offers nothing a well equipped residential kitchen doesn’t have, except maybe a punch clock and a timecard rack. Big commercial gas ranges like the ones featured in these torture chamber kitchens are a P.I.T.A. to clean. For home use, give me a smooth glass-topped stove,or two. In white or black, thank you. Stainless steel is attractive to health department inspectors, but it’s a beotch to keep up. It shows every fingerprint, every scratch, every fume discolors it, and it requires constant polishing to look good. I would never have stainless steel appliances. My appliances are chosen to serve me, not vice versa.

    • Lee J. Smith

      Now, I’m finding it difficult to believe the words seeping through those horse lips of yours..you didn’t even spell “Restauranteur” correctly.

  • Oval Oswald

    Yo cool it Horselips..we don’t care that you have dabbled with a few greasy spoons. We come here to enjoy these homes that food service employees wouldn’t generally be able to afford.

    Let’s just enjoy the homes. I’ve seen Horselips provoke enough controversy on other comment sections as well.

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