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  • Brian

    The Mansion of the Day has a beautiful 12-acre equestrian estate with more square footage for only $6M. So I can’t figure who would buy this bizarro neo-Victorian nightmare….

  • horselips

    AHEM. While it behooves the well connected to live in their state’s capital, uhh, $9 million, for THIS? Last year it sold for $5-something million. I live in AZ, and believe me, nine mil buys a palace complete with an indoor mansion. In this 11,400 sq.ft. disaster, the architect managed to squeeze in a whole 2 bedrooms.

    • Andrew

      Well, if a home of 11,000sq.ft has only two bedrooms I think it is safe to assume it is because that was the design brief, not because the architect/designer is incompetent. It makes sense if you have a couple with no children living in and not especially interested in having house guests, what would be the point of many bedrooms? Might as well use the space for whatever other purpose.
      It could also be a misprint, because in the description it says, ‘sleeps 12 comfortably’.. or maybe the beds in those two bedrooms are really large 🙂

  • James

    Makes me think of the movie Beetlejuice, and that, is not a compliment!

    • Kenny Forder


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