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  • horselips

    A definite improvement over most contemporary efforts, but I’d still look for something a little more gracious for my $8+ million.

  • Andrew

    Not too bad, but only 3 car spaces? Shame. BTW, price reflects the fact that Nedlands is in the trendy part of Perth, and though you couldn’t tell from the pictures, only a couple of miles away from the center of the city. Life is different over there!

  • Luke

    The interior is typical Australian mansion rubbish; probably outdated when the home was furnished, woefully so now, and a lot of boring spaces with a mismash of conflicting and inexplicably ugly furniture choices. This has good bones; well-spaced rooms and quality fixtures. Unfortunately, a lot looks very outdated. It seems that many times when people in Australia build mansions they run out of money for an interior decorator; there is no way one was involved here, which is confusing given the money it would have taken to build this.

    The exterior is very nice, and despite being a contemporary design seems to have held up well.

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