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  • horselips

    It’s a full acre in a very nice nayberhood, and the architectural embellishments and interior ornamentation is first class. The price is probably about right. Yet something’s wrong – the formal rooms seem a bit small in area. The living room is only about 14″ wide, the dining room is also small -at least in the picture. The family room appears no wider than the living room.

    The home office, the lounge & pub, home theater, and the master bedroom are appropriately sized for a mansion. The hallway in pic #13 is impressively wide, as a mansion hallway should be. The outdoor facilities are lavish and well done.

    There must be more to a mansion than just bigger rooms, with deluxe trim. It’s not supposed to be just a tract house with a thyroid condition. Sometimes I get the feeling that many mansions are just that.

  • Daniel

    I really like the interior in this. Great details and appropriately sized rooms. The exterior is also nice, but it looks too new for me. I’d add some ivy on one of the walls to give it some patina.

  • Luke

    I love the interior, it is properly well done. However, there is just something not quite right about the exterior.


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