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  • Daniel

    Very strange exterior…looks like a bank. Interior has its pluses. Still very expensive for a non-waterfront home.

  • horselips

    An American Petit Trianon. Exquisite – another quintessential example of quality over quantity. The elevation is magnificent, especially the rear (side, actually). I like the balcony with balustrade over the front door. The owner can make public appearances here, and wave to the adoring multitude clamoring beneath. Inside, the ornamentation is tasteful and elegant, without even a hint of false modesty or feigned humility. All the necessary rooms are done right with elaborate windows, moldings, ceilings and so forth. The price is high for the square footage, but this level of design excellence and build quality doesn’t come cheap, waterfront or not.

  • DKing

    It’s about a 30-second walk to the beach, and you can probably see the Gulf from the house…it’s on Gulf Shore Blvd, the closest street that parallels the beach, and at the corner of 5th Ave as well, which is where a lot of the nightlife in Naples is. BTW waterfront in Naples is typically $10-20 million, so 8 for close to the best and one of the newest non-waterfront Naples homes is not terribly expensive. Put this house on the beach in Port Royal, it goes for $20 million easy.

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