$55 Million Newly Built 14,000 Square Foot Modern Mansion In Bel Air, CA | Homes of the Rich – The #1 Real Estate Blog

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  • Daniel

    Gorgeous. Love it. Those jetliner views <3

    • Kenny Forder


  • Onions

    It’s very nice but I can’t see this going for more than $35 million.

  • Andrew

    Hmm… I think I preferred that other one featured recently on HOTR, you know, the one in North Hillcrest Rd. But I suppose I could slum it here, if I had to 🙂

  • horselips

    I’m not fooled by clever lights and shadows, and disappearing glass walls just lets all the bugs in. In the daytime, it looks more like a student union in a junior college campus. Everything pretty about this house is outside the house, apart from the house, not connected in any way with the house. All the big windows let you do is look at it all from inside the house – the house itself offers no beauty of its own in any way. All it does is frame the vistas beyond it. Even the fireplace is phony – it’s nothing more than a long, horizontal, rectangular gas barbeque you can’t cook on. It even looks like a row of flaming gas jets…you can’t cook on.

    In its favor -2 things- no wooden floors, and it doesn’t have those dumb theater recliners in the home theater.

    Anyone so easily distracted by shiny objects, and views of other peoples’ property and buildings, that they would pay $55 million for a house that, judging from the materials, couldn’t possibly have cost more than a couple mil at most to build, has more money than brains, or at least he did before he bought this turkey.

    • Andrew

      That’s an interesting point of view and I think there might be something to it. On the other hand, we (especially England, and by extension Australia, where I’m from) also have a tradition of building homes that completely turn inwards, insulate the occupants from the outside and ignore their environment. That’s even worse in my opinion, especially here, where the weather is much better… given the choice of either extreme, I’d rather go for a house that sort of gets out of the way of the world outside and ‘frames the vistas’, than one that cuts me off from them.

      • horselips

        Yours is an interesting point of view and I know there is something to it. But let me put to you a middle case – is it possible for a sensitive, enlightened and talented architect to design a mansion that is so oriented to its surrounding that impressive views are provided from its important rooms, and yet is a work of art in itself? That when you prefer to turn inward, you are rewarded with beauty just the same? I hope so.

        • Andrew

          Sure, that middle ground would be ideal. Although we’d probably disagree on what constitutes beauty, or work of art 🙂

          • horselips

            And that, my friend, is the fun of it. Vive le diference

  • Mikey

    Another modern crap built in the tri-angle area. First couple was nice, now it becomes redundant. 55 million for a bachelor pad is non-sense. A big family home that your kids can run around, maybe. Oh, I forgot, they have no big grassy back yard. Maybe, some older men who want to feel young again, will pick this up.

  • Spleenking


  • carolina

    i love it, this is amazing the way all the house was built is just beautiful i love the garage looks like a ferrari showroom and those led lights all around the house. oh my god! 40 million in cash.

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