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  • Alex

    I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this home!! I can’t wait to see the finished product…already the attention to detail and high quality is IMPECCABLE. I also like the flow of the floor-plan….great for entertaining yet also family friendly. The only thing I can see at this time that I would change is the wine cellar in the dining room. It seems distracting and takes away from the elegance of the dining room. I know the plan is to put glass doors there, I would instead put in pocket doors to conceal the wine cellar…that way you have accessibility, but also a way of hiding it.

  • Allen

    I like this house, too. I agree with Alex on most of his points, but not on the wine wall. I saw one recently that had a glass front and back and was chilled, too. It gave the dining room a real look of elegance that I would not have expected. I would love to see a floor plan on this house to see the overall flow.

    • Alex

      Allen, lol, it must be a small world, I too recently saw a wine wall in a dining room and that is what gave me this perspective. Let me explain. I was in the D.C. metro area (Potomac,Md) visiting my grandparents last month and we were invited to a huge dinner party celebrating the completion of this particular family’s new home. Well, their dining room also had a wine wall with a glass front and everyone hated it. During this sit down dinner all people were doing was looking @ the wine wall….it was so distracting. Instead of the focus of the dining room being on the BEAUTIFUL limestone fireplace(which took a year to receive) or the stunning chandelier,or the marble floor, all anyone could whisper was why the wine wall in such an elegant setting. We couldn’t get in the car fast enough before my grandmother’s cell was ringing off the hook and it was the SAME topic from everyone…THAT WINE WALL/CELLAR in the dining room. I thought it was pretty pathetic they were acting like “high schoolers” gossiping about one of their friends….who knows maybe they were jealous and just needed something to pick on in this gorgeous home. For me personally I don’t like it, BUT that is the beauty of architecture/ and interior design….there are so many elements and differing perspectives, no one is wrong either way. Ultimately it is the homeowners choice to what goes into their home b/c they have to live with it AND ALSO pay for it lol. Needless to say I would definitely take this Texas home, glass front wine wall or not:)

      • Allen

        Alex, I love your post. People (including me) are often attracted to “flashy and shiny” objects and fail to see other, often better quality attributes nearby. I did this the other day while walking down an aisle in Office Max. I was thinking of purchasing an additional computer for my business and saw an “all in one” model that was breathtaking. The design was to die for from the huge monitor to the keyboard. As I looked at it, several others came to ogle it, too. Lots of “ooohs and aaahs.” I didn’t buy it but took the card that goes with it. I later researched this model online and found that it would not have been a good purchase at all for many reasons. Long story short; I was attracted to the visual impression. I would have noticed this fireplace as you did and would most likely been annoyed with the others, as well. That being said, If I was building this house, wouldn’t I want something to WOW my guests, too? Long post, I know – but you are so right in yours!!

  • Scott

    OK, finally finally an architect and ID that get the concept of SPACE!

    This home is special…

  • horselips

    A magnificent mansion.

    Let us pray. Lord, send the buyer the right decorator. Amen.

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