$5.95 Million 10,000 Square Foot Mediterranean Mansion In Dallas, TX | Homes of the Rich – The #1 Real Estate Blog

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  • dan

    Wow! Two 10,000 sq ft homes in Texas to chose from. And both for just under 6mil.

    I would have to take the first one – because I have a love for all things Italian.

    However, I love the Lion face fireplace and the theater is dreamy!

  • Spleenking

    So many elements of this house I like but it just seems some of the rooms are not planned out well. The theatre is too small for a screen that size. The pool room is too small to accommodate a pool table.

  • Al

    Image #4 is too open for my taste, but that backyard / pool landscaping is fantastic! 🙂

  • horselips

    Wow. You could do an awful lot worse – like buying one of those miserable glass and concrete penthouses in NYC for 7 or 8 times the price. OK, it’s not perfect, and so what. It’s a rare mansion that is so perfect in every room, every sight line, that it is immune from criticism. Bottom line, I like this house, and I would consider myself very fortunate to live in it.

  • Lady

    If anyone is interested, the floor plan is Positano House Plan by Archival Design, Inc. (AD). However, this plans for this house seems to have been slightly modified because the square footage is a bit different. Basically, same layout. It is a beautiful home.

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