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  • horselips

    A mini-mansion! it looks far grander than it is from the outside. Inside, I have issues. Every room – and I mean every room, is painted the same colors. White is OK for moldings and such, but there’s more to the palette than flat light and dark earth. In fact, flat dark earth looks better on firearms than home interiors. The wood plank floors are plain and boring, but the wood curved staircase looks cheap. And once again, architects, (are you listening?) an elaborate recessed, coffered, beamed or decorated ceiling requires an appropriate ceiling height to maintain scale. The more elaborate the decoration, the higher it must be. The foyer works, but the living room, dining room, kitchen and family room need an additional four feet in height. Once furnished, they will look squashed and lose all sense of volume.

    Any multi-story house costing over $4 million must have an elevator. period. End of story, it’s a no-debate item. A mansion is first and foremost luxurious – and that means an elevator. Besides, they cost little more than that awful staircase, and take less than 50 square feet of space on each floor they serve. One more thing, a mansion, big or small, must have garage space for at least 4 vehicles – a 2 car garage is unacceptable, again, a no-debate item. .65 of an acre doesn’t cut it either.

    And what’s with that price? Last year this place was sold for something over $3 million, and in 18 months the seller is asking for almost a million dollar markup? I wonder what planet he’s from. False economy, and a total lack of creativity has seriously handicapped what could have been a delightful ‘petit trianon.’

    • Jackson

      I don’t think every really nice house needs an elevator. Sometimes the people that build the house are very young and there parents do not need an elevator either, so there is really no purpose for one. Besides, how often do you have a guest over that has to use an elevator? Almost never. When we built our house, the architect had an elevator on the original floor plan but we took it out, why spend $25,000 on something that will never be used? What we did with the space where the elevator was going to be was turn it into a closet on one floor and then a closet on the floor right above it. If we ever need to sell the house and somebody just has to have an elevator, they can turn the closets into an elevator.

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