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  • horselips

    Spectacular wretched excess, just a bit too busy. I do love the staircase bar and the home office. OMG, that kitchen. I get the feeling that this palace, filled with the overdressed glitterati of California’s most lurid subcultures, is about to strike an iceberg in the middle of the North Atlantic, and amidst unparalleled horror, sink into the icy deep with all aboard. Only the seller will be found alive, frostbitten and blue, clinging to a briefcase stuffed with the nearly $40 million just given him by the kingpin of a Columbian drug cartel.

    • Mak

      Exactly what I was thinking. 😉

  • Mikey

    First saw it on million dollar rooms. Expensive, yet tacky. No one should ever hire the architect and designer. Even with the asking price, don’t see the owner can break-even. What the heck was he/she thinking in the first place?

  • Daniel

    The ‘Duncan’s Toy Chest’ of homes. Don’t know where to look first.

  • Claire

    Archetectually speaking, it looks great. Decoratively speaking, it’s an eyesore. Way too much gold and red in the entire thing. Love the pool and landscaping though.

  • carolina

    This is too much, my eyes doesn’t know where to look, this house is over furnished, the only part that i like about this house is the chandeliers, the pool and the tennis court.

  • Patty May

    That chandelier in the GYM !!?!!

    • horselips

      Without that chandelier, the gym would go dark after sundown.

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