$3.95 Million 14,000 Square Foot Mansion In Omaha, NE | Homes of the Rich – The #1 Real Estate Blog

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  • horselips

    Bravo! I prefer the Y shaped staircase to the more common dual-curved thingy. I also applaud the owner’s restraint in window coverings. It’s a great big beautiful mansion, on lots of land, far from the 2 Left Coasts, and all for a reasonable price.

    OK, it needs a much larger garage, but it does have an elevator, and the kitchen is one of the nicest at any price.

    • Mak

      You’re being facetious aren’t you.

      • horselips

        About what?

  • dan

    $310 per sq ft is very reasonable. The neighborhood seems nice as well.

    Blue is my favorite color and I love the use of it both inside and out.
    The front entrance is truly beautiful, and so many big houses are not.

    • mak

      Stand in the living room and look out the back window. You look right into your neighbors house and the back of an office building. LOOK at the neighborhood from a birds eye view. You’ll see why it’s very reasonable.

  • Andrew

    You get a lot of a house for your 3.95 million, I guess land in Omaha is cheaper than in some other places 🙂 Looks quite good as well, at least from the outside. I’m not loving most of the interiors, but it’s a fixer-upper.

  • Jackson

    Yuck! It is so so gaudy… plus carpet in the Dining Room has got to go.

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