20,000 Square Foot Mansion In Scottsdale, AZ Built By Schultz Development | Homes of the Rich – The #1 Real Estate Blog

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  • Roosevelt

    I like it. I’d be happy living here every day.

  • Daniel

    Lovely interior details. Exterior ain’t bad, I just wish the facade was symmetrical (at least the entrance portion).

  • dan

    That fountain is the same style I have always dreamed of building in the middle of my yard!

    I think this kitchen takes the award for “most elegant” I have ever seen. Two chandeliers and statutes in relief!

  • John L.

    I have heard that the owners are already adding on to the house….

    • Kenny Forder


  • horselips

    From floor plan design to finished product, Schultz does great work.

  • Kelly
    • Kenny Forder

      cool, thanks!

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