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  • Daniel

    The exterior reminds me a bit of the Soffer home on Indian Creek island:


    It certainly has a presence to it. The interior is a complete disappointment. I’m very surprised how cheap the interior finishing is.

    • Kenny Forder

      Agreed, interior is horrible, especially the foyer!!

      • Tony

        Hey Kenny, haven’t you featured this home before? It looks so familiar. Expecially the exterior and the stairway.

  • horselips

    The rear façade is far more impressive than the front, but the overall combination of pillars, pediments, superimposed arches, balustrades, tiles, courtyards and that fortified main gate make this a masterpiece. But stay outside, don’t go in – that’s where my heart breaks.

    The formal living room should be monumental, instead it is a nondescript non-entity. That narrow dead-end tunnel of a formal dining room. What’s with the mixed woods, ruining an otherwise excellent kitchen? That breakfast room table looks like it’s stuck in an overly wide butler’s pantry. The dining group in the background of picture #10 looks like a more inviting place to start the day than either the formal dining or breakfast rooms. Look at that huge marble mountain surrounding that teeny tiny bathtub in the master ensuite. They should have installed a tub twice the size, making room for the owners and their FsWB. The two story great room is almost OK, with its tall arched windows, French doors, and wet bar, all overlooked by that lovely balcony and balustrade. But it’s still incomplete – an ornate fireplace would have complimented that gorgeous chandelier and successfully maxed out the effect. Throughout the mansion, Daniel is right, it just looks cheap, for lack of a better word. The exterior wrote a check the interior just can’t cash.

    How did this happen? This is perhaps the worst, and saddest, blown opportunity to appear here in quite some time.

  • Jeez

    So you share a driveway with your neighbor-who might be the spec builder of this place-which of you pays to maintain it?


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