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  • horselips

    Outside – very nice. Gateway arch, all brick and stone exterior, even complimentary ivy climbing up the walls – no extra charge, it’s literally on the house. Inside – I like this don’t like that, this is OK that needs redone, in other words, the usual.

    And now, the price. Gotta be a misprint. Over 14,000 square feet on 1.5 acres, and all for less than $2million. In fact, much less. Well, at least we all know now how much we’re being ripped off by the location queens, and how much a mansion really is worth. Granted, the homes around it are on more regular shaped lots, and cost about half as much, but this mansion is probably far larger.

  • Scott

    Sooooo many charming elements to this house. Oh God just seeing a proper morning room…

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