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  • Sean Wray

    Beautiful estate, however the project page link is not active.

  • John

    Who owns this?

  • Titan Paul

    Is this new construction on the market? Asking price?

    • Kenny Forder

      No it is not.

  • horselips

    OMG. So many focal points. So many spectacular sight lines. My heads explode. The detailing. The architectural embellishments. It’s a fantasy, and yet it’s real. The price? if you have to ask…

  • Mak

    I love the fact that just to the back right of the house on the other side of the property line is a broken down shed/house. Looking out the second floor windows at that would help the owners keep things in perspective.

  • Daniel

    It’s beautiful but I think they went a tad overboard with the gold gilt. Otherwise, it is very nice. The living room is not meant to actually use but at least they followed the theme all the way through. The only thing that is missing is proper landscaping with towering, mature trees.

  • Spleenking

    Oh my word…so ugly on so many levels. The art looks like it was done by a third grade class. The clash of colors…who knew you could find so many bad combinations? And really, who needs a home this gaudy?


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