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  • Thabo

    Judging by the actual picture I never expected it to be that much square footage, can’t wait to see how the interior is inside when its finished. But I think they over did it with the $ 2 million gate

  • chris

    Cute but not in Palm Beach and therefore won’t get anywhere near the asking price.

  • Daniel

    Awesome find. I drive by this every day on my way to work, and it is absolutely massive in person. The basement level is enormous. This has been under construction for over 5 years now, and the exterior details are lovely. The entire home is clad in stone. It reminds me of Alvin Malnik’s home, though this one isn’t as in your face as that home. The amenities sound wonderful, but at the end of the day, this is completely overbuilt for the area. The rendered rooms don’t look all that spectacular, other than the fanciful crown moldings and marble.

    No one is going to pay HALF the asking price to live in an area sandwiched between Deerfield Beach and Pompano Beach, two less than spectacular cities (and that is being nice). A home of this size and with this much opulence should have been built in Palm Beach, Indian Creek Village or Coral Gables. Anywhere else, it is out of place.

  • Luke

    ‘Le Palais Royal’? Really? Such a name would perhaps befit a grand home in France, or England as ‘The Royal Palace’, but not a confused French-mediterranean beachfront mansion in Florida. Some people really have no taste and never will.

  • Tony

    This a hot mess! First of all who wants to live in Hillsboro Beach, FL?? A home like this should have been built in Palm Beach or at least Manalapan or Jupiter or even Miami. Also the home looks like they squeezed it onto a small lot. I don’t even see space for a tennis court. A $100 million plus home should definitely have a tennis court. Also this home doesn’t look like 60,000 square feet. Is most of the square footage underground? Also the quality isn’t bad but its not spectacular. I don’t see this costing $75 million. Looks like maybe $35 million at best. Also the kitchen countertops look like an oil spill.

    • Marko

      So many also’s!

  • Barney

    Annnnnnnnnnnd THE BAND PLAYED ON.


  • Andrew

    Frankly I think anything claiming to be Versailles-inspired should be bulldozed on sight, but let’s put that aside because style is a personal thing. What is indisputable is that the lot is tiny and the house pretty much fills up all of it, leaving us with another situation where you can practically shake hands with your neighbours through the windows. And coming back to personal preferences… that’s no way I’d want to spend $139 million. Or $39 million, for that matter.

  • Teddi

    I’m just trying to understand the justification of building a house like this in Hillsboro Beach. That’s a ‘what were they thinking’ moment on par with that 20,000sf ‘dream home’ that got built in Miramar. If you’re going to set out to build the most expensive home in the state, then it better have the best location in the state that money can buy. Also, might as well buck up and spend the extra $5-$10 million on land so that this massive mansion doesn’t have to be shoehorned in. I’m guessing that if one is going to be willing to spend $139 million on a house, then best have room for the tennis court and putting green. You can get away with (and be justified in) omitting those features in the S Florida homes $20 million and under, but not with this.

    I will say that it does look a lot better now than what was imagined when we saw the mock ups some months back. The interior is one of those “I like it but I wouldn’t want to live there’ deals. I understand the need for formality in a place that’s meant to be a showpiece, but God knows I feel sorry for anyone who can’t sit back and relax in their own home.

  • horselips

    LOL I love this goddam palace. For just $2316/sq.ft. they have taken a storybook dream and created the reality. Columns, balustrades, moldings, cabinetry, the paneling, ironwork, covered promenades, waterfall, chandeliers, marble-marble everywhere and no low-rent wood floors anywhere in sight. That kitchen, OMG, to die for. And there she is, shoehorned in and everything, a perfect setting to frame the superyacht parked in front. Which, BTW, is actually just a tender to take them to their private full-blown ocean liner a little farther up the coast. What the heck, it’s only money! Tennis court and putting green? We don’t need no stinkin’ tennis court and putting green. That sports stuff is soooo last year. It’s anchors away, baby. Corporations are people too!

    • Andrew

      Even that mooring sucks, because notice it is not actually on their land – you have to cross the road to get to it. For this sort of money I fully expect to park the yacht in my own backyard…

      • KruppDogg

        Actually people that build these ocean to intracoastal homes usually have a tunnel made that goes under the road. Tons of them in Palm Beach.
        That being said I live nearby and this house looks ridiculously out of place here.
        They will never get that price.
        If you google the owners wife Sion Pereira they have pictures from their wedding and you can see the true gaudiness of their taste, but to each his own.

  • Nico

    I think the roof top of the garage in picture 14 will end up having a tennis court on top of it, since it is so important to have a tennis court apparently. ( I doubt 90% of mansions with their own tennis court are actually ever used by the owners even ).

    As for the dock being across the street– yes that is how it is. It is considered much more desirable to living on the ocean than the Intercostal Waterway. You can’t have both… if you live on the ocean, your docking situation is across the street. It’s like that all up and down Palm Beach, etc.

    • Jeez

      True, but there’s no underground tunnel here. And no underground utility lines, either. The dock doesn’t even look all that secure, but I’m just looking at it from googlemaps, so maybe there have been changes since then.
      I don’t even think half a tennis court could fit on top of the garage.
      You can do so much better for so much less.

  • Sean

    This place winds me up the more I look at it. As your man above said, if the listing starts with “Versailles Inspired”, flatten it immediately and behave yourself.

  • The Versailles style is very hard to get right. It either ends up being too extravagant and ostentatious, or disappointing. This place falls under both categories. It’s very extravagant. I really like the waterfall and the pool area. The staircase and columns are very nice as well. However, everything is just too much, crammed into a small place. The interior is too white, with all that marble. Looks like a 5 star insane asylum with all that white. The lot is very disappointing. There doesn’t seem to be enough room for any decent landscaping. Like others have said, the tennis court is missing. I’m sure a Russian billionaire wouldn’t mind throwing some pocket change at it, though.

  • jdubble07

    60,000 sqft on about 2.3 acres? Who are they kidding. That’s absolutely including the garage and the roof decks. Compare it side by side with The Manor which is 56,000 sqft and it’s nowhere near the same size. Under air living area, it’s probably 25-30,000 and it’s still crammed into that lot. Drive by it on A1A and it’s right against the road.

  • Jack

    I wouldn’t spend $139 million for this house.

  • Timothy

    I’ve done my research about this home. The staircase is 24k gold and the staircase alone cost $2M. This house also sits on the ocean in south Florida. At $139M, it’s going to sit a while before it sells. But some billionaire that wants it for the reputation will snag it up for $125M.

  • R Howard Cannon

    wont get half of that

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  • Fortuné Queenz Wendy Wd]

    very very nice, i likeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

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