Holly Branch Manor – A $19.9 Million Georgian Mansion In Katonah, NY | Homes of the Rich – The #1 Real Estate Blog

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  • horselips

    It’s awfully formulaic and utterly predictable. When an architect is given $20 million and 21,0000 square feet to work with, a lot more than this should have been accomplished. The formal rooms are nice, but not impressive, the great room should be far greater, you get the idea. Aside from the grand foyer, the elegant breakfast room, and the nicely finished kitchen and library, there are oodles and ooooodles of houses half this size and a fraction of the price that offer equal or even superior splendor.

    Yeah, the land is worth a pretty penny, but that doesn’t excuse the shortcomings of the mansion. Three stars.

  • Tony

    This is straight up crap. This looks like a newly built spec home. A home in an area like this should look historic and have some pedigree. This just looks like cheap garbage made for $70 per square feet. Maybe the land has value but with a house that looks this cheap i wouldn’t pay near $20 million. I’d consider this a tear down.

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