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  • horselips

    OK, so the entry takes you right into the bedroom wing. And to get to the elevator, you wander down the bedroom hall to the Master. Clever, these Aussies. NOT. Back to the drawing board…

  • Andrew

    Hmm… yes, it appears they put the bedrooms downstairs and the living area on the first floor, probably to maximise the views and light in the area where you’d expect to be during the day, so there is logic behind the design even if you don’t agree with it. Especially in Melbourne, which tends to be dark and cloudy a lot of the time. But yes, the inevitable result is that the entrance takes you into the bedroom area and the lift… well, you hardly ‘wander down’ anywhere – the lift is simply there, on the side of the hallway. It is a fairly small and compact house, you can’t really talk about ‘wings’.
    Despite these design choices, I rather like it. Brighton is a good spot, the garage is impressive for this inner city location and I’m OK with modern interior.

    • Andrew

      … also, if you watch their youtube clip it becomes apparent that the entrance and the hallway lead upstairs in the fairly natural and obvious way, while the bedroom areas are isolated. This is really not a problem.

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