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  • Vova

    Do you have any info on the 4th one? The plan looks amazing.

  • lou

    Could you find out more about the fourth house?

  • lou

    The fourth mansion is amazing. do you have more information about it?

  • Jack

    The first home has amazing grounds. It has way too much gold for my taste and the sharks are a bit much.

    The fourth home is nice. It’s a shame they don’t show interiors on the website. It has way too many statues and considering it’s location, I suppose snipers stand guard on top of the rotunda.

  • Tony

    The first one is hands down the best. Its simply one of the best homes in the entire world and definitely the best home ever shown on this site. The fourth one is a contender but they’d have to actually build the house and I’d have to see pics of all angles and the interior to know for sure. I can’t really tell for sure what I think of the house only seeing a rear view of a computer animation. Also the fourth house has too many steps at the back. Who’d wanna go down that many stairs every day just to get to the backyard. Anyway, there’s no competition here, its hands down the first house!

  • jg

    Haute Couture actually means “high level sewing”.

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