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  • derooky


  • Onions

    $80,000 doorknobs?? Douche.
    The indoor/outdoor/underground lazy river does sound pretty awesome though.

    • Mak

      and when the ocean level rises enough, he won’t have to worry about it being lazy anymore.

    • AK

      Not $80k each. But still a lot for doorknobs.

  • Thabo

    Can’t wait for it to be finished its not a unique design. Know its like every baseball star thats lives in a 30 000 sq+ more mansion

  • horselips

    Only $9.3 million to build a 34,000 sq.ft. house, including a large lot of beachfront land! Quite the bargain. We see on this site an endless parade of mansions costing a thousand dollars per square foot. That this one is going up for only $270 per square foot means one of three things – honest work done at a fair price (yeah, right), a lot of corners were cut throughout (likely), or everybody else got ripped off (definitely). The ariel view shows much smaller homes around it – I wonder whether this bargain priced monstrosity will enhance their value, or make buyers ask why they’re getting so little for their money.

  • Tony

    This home has got to be straight up garbage. Only $5.8 million in construction costs for a 34,000 square foot home? That’s like $170 per square foot. John Finton said a quality home costs $500 per square feet. I think you need to spend at least $300 per square feet to have something decent. This is gonna look like a cheap spec home with cardboard walls.

  • AK

    Where are we seeing 34,000 sqft? The article says it’s half that.

    • horselips

      I was just going by Kenny Forder’s headline for this post. Apparently, either the article or Kenny has been misinformed. Keep Calm & Carry On.


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