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  • Sean

    My kingdom for floor plans.

    I like it in all it’s grotesquely oversized fakery. I’d pretty much re-finish most of the dark woods in a light cream/white to attempt to lift the heaviness of the Stair hall, Billiards room and Dining room. The Library looks great in the darker wood, though. If included, most of the drapes and furniture would go, along with a full refurbishment of those nasty tiled walls in the Pool room and the mirrored walls in the gym.

    The 18-hole golf course is brilliant but too much for me. I’d scale it back to 9-holes and use the remaining land for stabling and equestrian paddocks. The parking lot to the east of the main house would be walled in to create a show garage, possibly with a port cohere or some other bridging structure to the main house.

    Again, I’d love to see the floor plans if anyone has them.

  • Daniel

    I like the exterior and the grounds are beautiful, but good gracious the interior is heavy. Dining room looks very low. The library is the best space in the home IMO. Rear of the home looks a bit uninspired.

  • horselips

    Masterpiece. They seldom build like this anymore. Hardly anybody still even knows how.

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