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  • Daniel

    It’s on the gaudy side but I actually like it. The architecture of the home isn’t bad at all. The placement of the living room to the side makes sense in my eyes since it is probably a seldom used room. The Boca Pink exterior goes well with the Moorish influences. I know many will dislike it, but I think it fits well in the community. Priced a bit high (I say this will sell for $6.5 million or so).

  • horselips

    I love it. The rooms are architecturally decorated and finished to a level usually reserved for homes twice this size and price. This is a mansion in the grandest sense except sheer size – a showplace of wealth and success, taste, class and style. This is gracious living. No guilt, no phony humility. The embellishments are legitimate – an homage to quality materials, skilled craftsmanship, and a sense of detail. Focal points and sight lines abound. Well done, very well done indeed.

    • Wild Willie

      Taste?? Class?? It has a PINK EXTERIOR, for God’s sake!!!!!
      The owner needs to be informed it’s no longer the 1950s

      • Barney

        Agreed, COMPLETELY, Willie. This trainwreck wins the award for the “Hideous House” of September 2014. It looks like something you’d be caught in from a nightmare after eating a 10 course Mediterranean meal.

  • vova

    Repaint the exterior and it’s a hit. The interior is very nice.

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