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  • horselips

    If you can suffer and endure a totalitarian state like NJ, this might be your home. It’s impressive outside, classy and elegant on the inside. Beautiful millwork and cabinetry, impressive ceilings, quality materials throughout except for the wood flooring.

    Over 10,000 sq. ft. with no corners cut, a 10 car garage, 2 landscaped acres, 2 domes (count ’em!), even a matching pool house, and all for $7.488 million. Not a bad deal.

  • Luke

    I’m surprised this has such a low score (is it because of the bridal staircase?) Really interesting details which work decently together. It just requires a talented interior designer to add some life to it and soften up the ubiqitous hard floors with area rugs and the like (ATM, you’d need rubber-sole slippers in this house).

  • Jimmy

    I love this house, nice decorating and detail. I am a fan of the moldings and wood work, clearly a nice example of a saddle river mansion. The kitchen is amazing. I would have thought this was a $9,000,000+ home

  • Rodger

    Great Estate in Saddle River, one of the best towns in the county. I’ll say I think this house is cheap for what it is as if it was in Apline it would be $15,000,000 I love the classic exterior with iron gates, nice that they carried that influence into the home. Nice high ceilings, nice design elements, clearly a high end designer was used.

  • Frederick

    The detail is stunning and looks like real quality. Who lives in houses like this? I love saddle river it’s my favorite town in NJ and this is quite an estate.

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