$7.25 Million 14,000 Square Foot European Inspired Waterfront Mansion In Boca Raton, FL | Homes of the Rich – The #1 Real Estate Blog


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  • Daniel

    It’s a nice lot but the home shows its age. Neighborhood is okay…$700K teardowns mixed in with newer $2-$3million homes.

  • James

    Exterior is nice, full point is a bonus. Though, for all future postings, there should be a “This house contains green carpeting” warning.

  • horselips

    I don’t like the setting -all crammed in with other homes. I like a little larger lot, and another degree or two of separation. The house itself is beautiful, especially the front door from the inside -an opportunity for ornamentation all too often overlooked.

    • Teddi

      I take it you’ve never been to S.FL, or if you have, you’ve never been on the water. Houses costing twice this price are on smaller lots than this. 2/3 of an acre is considered huge when on the water and 420 feet of water frontage is almost unheard of. I think we would ALL prefer not to have homes with lots crammed together, but when in Rome…
      This is how it is there, unless you’re willing to pay $10 million for the land alone and I find doing that even more ridiculous than homes close together. If this were Texas, I’d agree, but as with Manhattan, Singapore and Monaco, when space is at a premium, this is the result.

      • horselips

        Living on the waterfront in S. Florida is not nearly enough of a perk to warrant the sacrifice of privacy, quiet, and room. And I can do without the frustration of being wealthy, and surrounded by other wealthy people, and all of us, individually and collectively, powerless to remedy the situation, all compelled to settle for an awful status quo, and pay a substantial price to enjoy our joint affliction.

        America has thousands of miles of coastline, along two great oceans and the Gulf of Mexico, and even the Great Lakes. Better the rich find undeveloped sites, and set them up to suit themselves – waterfront lots that are large enough for all the infrastructure, outbuildings, and features appropriate to a great estate.

        And then I woke up.

        • Daniel

          I have to agree with Teddi. Unless you need room to do the dance of the seven veils, then a huge lot with no neighbors around is almost impossible to find on ocean access waterfront land in Florida. If someone desires a hermit lifestyle away from people, then there are plenty of acreage sites out by the Everglades. Just be sure to bring your bug repellent.

  • Vova

    I like it a lot. It seems very comfortable, despite it’s sort of squeezed-in location. The only problem is that it’s very enclosed. There isn’t much room between neighbors. It has a great water view and a foyer that’s grand, without being too over-the-top


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